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Contemporary Fireplace Designs
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Contemporary Designs #300 - #324
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Contemporary Fireplace Designs
Inexpensive Contemporary Fireplace Design
Contemporary fireplace design #302 (pictured at right), is an inexpensive fireplace to
construct. The design is simple, uses predominantly straight lines and inexpensive
materials. A dozen 2x4’s and few sheets of drywall, a sheet of MDF, paint, and hard-
ware represents the bulk of the fireplace finishing material costs. The functional part of
the fireplace is an economical heat circulating gas fireplace which does not require a
hearth. This contemporary design is built with primary and secondary wall panels that
project out different amounts from the existing room wall. Click on the thumbnail
image above (row 1, column3) to view a larger image of this fireplace. The primary
wall panel is painted blue to match the existing room walls, and the secondary wall
panel is painted white to match the mantel. This stepped out wall configuration defines
the fireplace but is also helpful to visually diminish its overall projection into the room.
This is particularly advantageous when one wants to avoid constructing an exterior
chase to accommodate the fireplace’s depth. The mantel is a simple rectangular design
constructed of MDF and attached to the primary wall panel and projects out in front
and beyond the sides of the secondary wall panel. The surround is also made of MDF
and attached directly to the mantel and painted white to match. Alternatively, the
surround could be made of ceramic or marble tile for little additional cost since
so little material is needed. An arched niche is recessed into the upper portion
of the secondary panel for added detail.
Contemporary Fireplace Design with Marble Surround
Pictured at left is contemporary fireplace design #319 which has a distinct vertical aspect to its overall appearance. The width of this fireplace does not extend beyond the marble surround. The 4 piece surround is made of Nero Marquina marble which has a deep black color with white veining. Click on the thumbnail image above (row 4, column 5) to view a larger image of this fireplace. The surround forms the entire decorative facing of the fireplace, and instead accessories are used to add to the ireplace’s decorative appeal - a curved black glass shelf and an Andy Warhol framed print of Mick Jagger. The narrow facade of the fireplace is flanked on each side by shelving which fills the alcoves created by the fireplace’s projection into the room. A large wood shelf mounted at counter height extends from each side of the fireplace to the opposite walls. Floor space beneath the shelves accommodate large floor speakers. Rows of shallow shelves are mounted on the walls above for CDs and books. The functional part of this contemporary fireplace incorporates a clean-face gas fireplace with a brick patterned firebox interior. The clean-face fireplace design eliminates the louvers for circulating heated air that are common to many prefabricated fireplaces. Instead many of these types of fireplace direct more radiant heat into the room and a reduced amount of convection heat through small concealed openings.
Contemporary Fireplace Surround
Contemporary fireplace design #322 (pictured at right), features a small gas fireplace with a prominent decorative glass and metal front which is used as the stand alone decorative attribute of this fireplace. While this style of fireplace generally costs more than many conventional models of gas fireplaces, when used in this manner the additional cost is offset by savings in a mantel surround and/or other finishing material costs that would be used to finish the fireplace. This design has a section of wall constructed to house the depth of the prefabricated gas fireplace unit and is finished to match the existing room walls. To take advantage of otherwise wasted space, shelving in the form of niches is constructed on each side of the fireplace wall enclosure. Click on the thumbnail image above (row 5, column 3) to view a larger image of this fireplace. As mentioned, the functional part of this fireplace is provided by a contemporary gas model. This model includes reflective firebox panels that enhance the flame effect and broadens the viewing
area. And, instead of an arrangement of wood-like logs, the flames emanate from
a bed of translucent crystals – which are usually available in a choice of colors depending on the fireplace make. This size and style of contemporary fireplace is best installed at an elevated position which also allows for viewing from more areas of the room. The fireplace aesthetics are usually improved in this type of installation by specially selecting some decorative item for above the fireplace front, such as a painting, that provides some added visual interest particularly when the fire is not in use – which of course is most of the time.
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