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Brick and Stone Fireplace Designs
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Brick or Stone Designs #200 - #224
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Stone Fireplace Designs
Stone Fireplace with Built-in Cabinets
Stone fireplace design #202 (pictured at right), is constructed with built in cabinets
on each side of the fireplace. The stone facing is constructed with a manufactured
stone product that is relatively light weight compared to natural stone. In most
cases this eliminates the need for costly foundation work and typically this amount
of stonework can be supported by most floors without extra support. The fireplace
facing has a random stone pattern using rectangular shaped stones of varying size.
Click on the thumbnail image above (row 1, column 3) to view a larger image of
this fireplace. This manufactured stone is provided with flat pieces that are approx-
imately 1½" in thickness and corner pieces which are formed in an L-shape for use
on outside corners which give the impression that the stone is much thicker (e.g. 4”
to 6”). Rectangular stones are generally easier to lay up compared to irregular
shaped stones. So, this would be something to keep in mind for do-it-yourselfers.
The cabinetry includes a mix of doors, drawers and open shelving providing ample
amounts of visual interest and functionality. A compact wood mantel shelf is stained to match the cabinet work. The functional part of this stone fireplace incorporates an economically priced heat circulating direct vent gas fireplace that does not require a hearth which is advantageous in these tight room circumstances . . . especially with regular traffic flow to access the cabinets and shelves.
Contemporary Stone Fireplace Design
Fireplace design #212 (pictured at left), is a contemporary design made with natural stone. This fireplace has several interesting features including a raised hearth extension that continues along the fireplace wall to the adjoining wall. The hearth extension serves as a shelf and is used in this case for placing plants which brings natural color and life close to the fireplace. Click on the thumbnail image above (row 3, column 3) to view a larger image of this fireplace.The fireplace has an asymmetrical design with approximately twice as much stone on the right side of the fireplace opening as the left side. Overall, the fireplace is a constructed with three distinct sections (a long raised hearth, a low and wide mid-section housing the fire chamber, and a tapered hood section). These sections are stacked one upon the other and provide a generally horizontal aspect to the fireplace’s appearance. The mid-section features a stone lintel that spans across the fireplace opening. The tapered hood section is centered over the fireplace opening and recessed in from the front and side edges of the mid-section below. This provides a stone ledge which acts as a mantel shelf with there being much more display space on the right side of the fireplace due to the fireplace’s asymmetrical design. The functional part of this stone fireplace incorporates a heat circulating gas fireplace with a brick patterned firebox interior.
Rugged Stone Fireplace Design
A rugged stone fireplace, design #215 (pictured at right), is centrally located in a
large room. The prominent features of this fireplace include a massive one piece
stone hearth that is thick, has a rough surface and irregular edges. Click on the
thumbnail image above (row 4, column 1) to view a larger image of this fireplace.
The fireplace is constructed with natural stone that is irregular shaped and of vary-
ing size, type and color. This stonework is very heavy requiring a solid foundation
to support it. Two long stones extend from each side of the fireplace and cantilever
over the top of the fireplace opening and meet a centrally located keystone. This
uncommon mix of stone types and sizes imparts an eclectic look to this fireplace.
This look replicates a utilitarian construction of a fireplace, a pioneer’s approach,
where the importance was placed on providing a source of heat and a means of
cooking – aesthetics were of secondary importance. This random assembly of
stone resembles what one might end up with by gathering stone from fields or
steams in close proximity to the home. And, as the stonework nears the top of
the fireplace, it appears that most of the good building stones that could be found nearby had been used and a mix of generally smaller stones were used to complete the fireplace. This design creates a very interesting fireplace. The functional portion of this stone fireplace is constructed with a site built masonry firebox, smoke chamber and chimney which must be constructed in compliance with local building codes.
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