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Traditional Fireplace Designs
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Traditional Designs #100 - #124
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Traditional Fireplaces Designs
Carved Fireplace Mantel with Brick Surround
Traditional fireplace design #111 (pictured at right), features a carved wood mantel
with a brick surround and a floor level hearth made of black slate tile. The mantel
has a sleek profile with a curvaceous opening and stained to replicate an aged wood
patina. Click on the thumbnail image above (row 3, column 2) to view a larger
image of this fireplace. The brick surround has its sides laid in a stacked bond with
the header laid in a soldier course and running bond. The brick sides and header
meet at the top corners of the fireplace opening with a 45 degree compound
miter, as the brick surround is angled inward toward the fireplace opening. The
fireplace is constructed with a section of wall that projects out from the room wall
and is drywalled and finished to match the existing walls. The fireplace creates
two alcoves, one on each side. Each alcove has 3 glass shelves extending between
the side wall of the fireplace and the adjoining room walls. The shelves are equally
spaced apart and aligned with each side to provide visual uniformity. Floor space
below the shelves is used for storing firewood – a practical arrangement for a frequently used wood burning fire-
place. The functional part of this traditional fireplace is provided with a prefab-
icated wood burning fireplace including a refractory brick patterned interior and a
built-in curtain screen for spark protection (shown open).
Fireplace Design with Mantel and Bookcases
A traditional fireplace, design #112 (pictured at left), is constructed as a built-in combining floor to ceiling shelving on each side of the fireplace. This design makes efficient use of space in an economical design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Click on the thumbnail image above (row 3, column 3) to view a larger image of this fireplace. The fireplace has a compact painted mantel of simple design and a narrow ceramic tile surround and hearth surface. The hearth is modestly raised above floor level with the front and sides trimmed with wood and painted to match the mantel. The lower portion of each shelving section has 4 shelves made of wood with the top shelf positioned at the same height as the mantel shelf, so the shelves appear as an extension of the mantel. The upper portion has 2 glass shelves with a recessed light fixture installed in the top panel of each shelving section which illuminates the top 3 shelves, which is ideal for display items. The mantel has a narrow overmantel section that increases the width of the upper shelves and provides a small area of concealment, behind the overmantel, which provides some visual interest if not some practical purpose. The entire assembly is painted the same color as the room walls with the mantel and wood shelves in a more durable semi-gloss finish. The functional part of this traditional fireplace includes a prefabricated direct vent heat circulating gas fireplace. The fireplace has a brick patterned firebox interior and a wide decorative metal surround to match the black fireplace front.
Traditional Fireplace with Mantel and Overmantel
Traditional fireplace design #114 (pictured at right) has a white mantel and tapered
overmantel with a narrow black granite surround and full size hearth. The painted
mantel and overmantel replicate a common look offered by many cast stone mantel
manufacturers ... but at a fraction of the cost. This mantel and overmantel can be
constructed of inexpensive materials (e.g. medium density fiber board (MDF) and solid
wood paint grade moldings). Click on the thumbnail image above (row 3, column 5) to
view a larger image of this fireplace. More specifically, the mantel legs are constructed
by securing several same-size pieces of MDF together to make a thicker leg. The top
and bottom portion of each leg has lengths of baseboard cut to the width of the legs
and attached to the front surface. The tops of the legs have an assembly of multiple
moldings to increase the profile thickness. Similarly, the mantel shelf is constructed
with two different crown moldings mounted one above the other and a panel molding
on the outside edges of the top shelf. The overmantel is straight forward and could be
constructed with MDF or drywall. The hearth is raised on a wood riser and trimmed
with baseboard to match that used elsewhere in the room. The functional portion of this traditional fireplace incorpor-ates an economical heat circulating gasfireplace with a black metal firebox interior which blends in with the granite surround and fireplace front directing attention to the fire itself.
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